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What's New for May 2015? - May 10, 2015

New Steel Mill Detail Parts

We now have flange rings. Here's a nice easy to use bit of detail that will make all of your steel mill piping look a lot better. You probably use Plastruct Butyrate tubing already and Plastruct makes pipe flanges. Big, oversize, featureless pipe flanges. Before you start thinking badly about Plastruct for not making scale flanges, remember what Plastruct's business was all about before 3D modeling. They catered to engineers and architects who built models of chemical plants, refineries, and other heavy industries. The object was to show the potential customer what his facility would look like and to emphasize critical areas. So if a pipe flange was absolutely critical in some part of the design they wanted to make sure it was obvious. So big, noticeable flanges.

But today's steel mill modelers want things to look scale, and with better detail. We have seven different sizes: 1", 7/8", 3/4", 5/8", 1/2", 3/8", 1/4". All of them are sized to fit snugly over the appropriate Plastruct tubing. We sell each size in a package of 12. The four larger sizes are $5.95 per package and the three smaller sizes $4.95 per package.

And yes, the bolt heads are hexagonal.

I've been Immortalized! Well.....not really.

I was rummaging around on Ebay a couple of weeks ago and much to my surprise I find this Marklin refrigerator car in HO an Z scale! Glaabsbrau. So I did some checking and there is actually a brewery in Seligenstadt, Germany by that name. I sent them an Email asking where I could buy Glaabsbrau here in the US but I got no answer. It would be great fun to have a party and serve a beer with my name on it!

Coming Soon!

I just finished the pattern for our new HO scale ingot and scrap car. We had originally made this car in Hon30 and Hon3 but we kept getting requests for an HO version. The prototype was used from the 1920's thru ... ?? and was made in standard and narrow gauge versions. The design was robust and cars were made for both ingot and scrap operations. A hunt for old photos showed that mills all seemed to have their own ideas about couplers. Some had link-and-pin couplers, some drawbars and others had standard knuckle couplers. We made the car with a pocket so that you, with a little cutting, could fit in a Kadee coupler box or even N scale couplers if you prefer. These resin cast cars should be ready in June/July. Price is TBD.

The scrap car was used at open heart furnace and some electric furnaces. They will be equipped with four scrap boxes.

Joe Magarac's Journal and The Magarac Society.

Back in 2004 Mike Rabbit and I were talking about steel mill modeling and how hard it was to get information and trade ideas. Walthers had just brought out "The Works"and interest was high. We decided to get a group of people together and trade ideas and display our models and maybe even have a few seminars. We expected about 25 people. Mike lined up a great hotel in Malvern, PA and we put the word out and got 50 people.

This became an annual event, with me doing the organization and Mike advising. Being retired I had the time, or so I thought, to do most of the work myself. I was fortunate in almost every instance to have someone who was local to the area we were meeting but I was still spending a LOT of time getting things organized.

At the 2014 meeting in Bethlehem, PA I announced that I was no longer going to organize these meets. I had put out the word three years earlier that I needed help, but didn't get much response. So at age 75, I just had to back away. My mind still thinks I'm 25, but my body knows better.

The meets are now run by the NMRA Steel Mill Modelers SIG which I started a couple of years ago and the original intent was to pass on the name "Joe Magarac's Journal" and "The Magarac Society" to the SIG. Unfortunately, this didn't happen due largely to communication problems.

I still think there is need for a forum to exchange ideas and I've decided to continue "Joe Magarac's Journal" as part of the Peach Creek Shops web page. I don't expect this to be an extension of any online magazine, but a place that you can ask questions, exchange ideas, and show your not-quite-ready-for prime time projects. This month I've written a short article on "Ingots" to help you better understand the process and how to model this part of steel mill operations. I have also included a table giving the scale size and weight of most of the commercial models available.

As for the name "The Magarac Society" it would be a shame to let this languish. Its a nice way for steel mill modelers to feel a sense of association and with the nice polo shirts with the Joe Magarac Logo its a quick way to recognize fellow steel mill modelers. We just got a new supply of XL,2XL, and 3XL shirts in stock. These are a heavy black polo shirt by Port Authority with a rendering of Joe Magarac embroidered over the left breast with "The Magarac Society" below. Prices are $29.95 plus S & H.

Here is a group of the "The Magarac Society" stalwarts, all proudly wearing their shirts at the 2012 meet. How do you join The Magarac Society? You are already a member. You just have to be a steel mill modeler!

All the Best,
John Glaab

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