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What's New At Peach Creek Shops

Well... Here it is... 2015! - Jan 19, 2015

So what's new?

For Peach Creek Shops its a bit of a mixed bag. We have some items back in stock and we are working on several new steel mill models.

top worksWe have the Blast Furnace topworks kit back in stock and ready to ship.This kit allows you to backdate the Walthers blast furnace and turn it into a 'scale' model. Walthers selectively compressed their 1950's era blast furnace kit by about 40%, and the did a nice job of it, but if you want a furnace that is closer to scale you need to model a furnace from the late teens or early 1920's. Fortunately the Walthers furnace is almost perfect in size but you need to change the arrangement of piping on the top and that's where we come in. Its pretty easy to build and made from Plastruct tubing and parts. Still $32.95.

We have been making resin cast rolling stock, HO and N, for several years and if I can boast for a minute, they are some of the best on the market. These cars are scale. Not imagineered. Our pattern maker is excellent. He worked for the Smithsonian for many years and can make you a resin model of an apple pie, a WWII bomber, a Navy destroyer, a cutaway model of the Southern Railway’s Crescent Limited (It's on display in the Smithsonian) or steel mill cars. The problem is that he has decided to retire. Sigh... So...

We are going into 3D printing. The state of Maryland has developed a program for entrepreneurs to learn about this upcoming area of rapid prototyping and I am involved. I had a demo of what can be done and I was blown away. I's seen some things that were made on 3D printing systems and I had mixed emotions. The fact that you could make something directly from the drawings was impressive but the quality... well... that varied. Small items had a layer cake look to them. No more!

Reproduction resolution of 50 microns is possible. The surfaces are smooth and clean and the part is ready to be used as a pattern the moment it comes out of the machine. Oh yes, its possible to make the mold using 3D printing. This is not the kind of stuff you can do at home (yet) but its coming.

So what's in store. Our first project will be making flange rings that fit on Plastruct tubing. These will have all the bolt heads around the perimeter. We are not going to try to swallow an elephant at the beginning. There is a learning curve and it can be steep. Bear with us.

We have two or three other projects in the works where the patterns have been made the conventional way. The first is an N scale ladle car, the second is a standard gauge cast steel ingot car and the third is an idler car in HO and N scale. The first one should be available in a couple of months. The other two... later.


The January show is always the biggest and best attended and we will be there with all of our steel mill stuff and more. The dates are January 31 and February 1st. We have some discount coupons that will help you get a break on the admission. Just print them out and use them.

We are closing out the Walthers Code 83 track. Everything is new, in original packaging and we will be selling it at 1/2 of our already discounted price. If you need good track this is the time to buy!

We are still whittling down the remaining inventory fro our shop that closed a couple of years ago. Bachmann locos and rolling stock. Trees from Bachman and others. Plasticville structures. High Sped HO scale cars and a vast assortment of other stuff. It's time for me to drastically reduce what I have in storage and I'm going to be easy to deal with.

See you at Timonium!


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