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What's New for August-September-October - Oct. 23, 2014

I haven't updated the web page for quite a while. Too many other things going on. It's been a hectic summer. But now summer is over its time to get back in the train room and start doing some model railroading.

berg car First, we are now shipping our new Berg Cars. This prototype of this little 4 wheel beauty was arguably, the first commercially made hot metal car. Prior to this car every steel mill/iron furnace built their own cars and some were pretty awful. The Berg cars were built by Pollock and became very popular and, in fact, lasted into the 1950's. Ready to run $36.95. The come fully assembled ready to paint with Kadee couplers and wheelsets.

We still have a good supply of several of the out of production Walthers steel mill kits. We even found two blast furnaces. The box is torn but the kit is intact. Still at the original price. $192.95. I'm sure that you can find some of the other kits on Ebay, but the prices are creeping up now that Walthers has no more. The good thing is that even though Walthers is out of stock on several steel mill items, they are taking back orders. This doesn't guarantee that the model will be made again, but it does say that Walthers hasn't completely given up on it.

Walthers Code 83 track sale.

We have an overstock of several Walthers Code 83 track components and to move these out we are having a SERIOUS sale. Every item ins new in the original wrapping and is code 83 Nickel Silver DCC friendly. YOU WILL NEVER FIND BETTER PRICES!

New Coal Mine from Walthers.

new mineIf you are into steel mill modeling you are probably interested in coal mines. You may even have a coal mine on your layout and there is a good chance you have one of the Walthers New River Mines. Not a bad kit. But...

The New River Mine is based on a modern Western Prototype so it doesn't look quite right for use in the Appalachians. What's the difference? Primarily the windows. The Western mines had three section windows which weren't all that common in the East. The New River Mine is also a big structure that spans three tracks. Not everyone has room for a mine with three tracks.

Well the folks at Walthers figured this out and came up with a mine that looks far more "Eastern" and spans two tracks. Neat! This is the "Diamond Coal Company". It also has the look of a mine that might have existed from the 1950's to...? I just took one out of the box and read the instructions. This will definitely wind up on the "C&O Peach Creek Division" ! Available for delivery. List price $49.98 PCS Price $44.95.

The Great Scale Train Show

We will be at the "Great Scale Train Show" in Timonium, Maryland October 25-26. We are still clearing out the remaining stock from the store and we will have lots of REAL bargains. Plenty of old kits, cars, scenery items, and just plain "Stuff". We will also have our steel mill items including a great selection of Walthers kits and many of those hard to get detail items you need to complete your mill.

To help you get out of the house and come to the Great Scale Train Show I'm including some discount coupons. Here is a chance to save a couple of bucks and you know you want to come anyway.

The 2014 Steel Mill Modelers Meet in Bethlehem, PA.

This year's meet ran from Wednesday through Sunday the last week of August. The weather was very cooperative and Eric Craig did a great job of getting everything organized. We had a tour of the "ruins" of the old Bethlehem steel plant and a tour of the warehouse where several of the steel mill models that had been at the Smithsonian are stored waiting the construction of the museum to be built near the Bethlehem mill. The tour of the warehouse was impressive. Although the models weren't on display they could be photographed and there were plenty of them to see. I was impressed. Everything was in great shape and I can't wait until they get their museum building completed and the displays installed.

We had fifteen seminars and everyone was pleased. Lots of new material from some of our regulars and several new presenters. Several people commented that this may have been the best meet we have ever held.

All of the presentations were done in PowerPoint and will be available from the SIG. Not from Peach Creek Shops. Let me explain.

For the last few years I have been trying to become less involved with running the meet. I've asked for help and not much was forthcoming, so this meet I told everyone that I am done running the meets. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy the meets. Learning new things, seeing new things, talking to everyone, and generally having a great time. But... It is a tremendous amount of work and I'm burned out. So the SIG management, headed by Bill Wolf, will be running the meets in the future. I've resigned as chairman and director and now I'm a POM (Plain Old Member).

The Peach Creek Shops webpage will no longer be the focal point of the Steel Mill Modelers SIG. The SIG will be developing their own web page. Peach Creek Shops will certainly provide pointers to this page when it becomes available and will announce information about upcoming events but will not be handling membership, registration, and other administrative functions.

Please understand that after ten years I need to move on. I created the meet, chose the name, promoted the event and financially backed the meets. Its time for someone else to take the reins.

For now, if you have questions or comments please direct them to Bill Wolf.

See you at Timonium!


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