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What's New for August 2015? - Aug 13, 2015

Its Time for a Summer Sale!


Here it is August already. A few more weeks and summer will be over. Sigh..... So its time to clear out overstocks and I'm going to do it by giving you prices that "You Can Not Refuse".

The Walthers Rolling Mill has been around for a while and is the quintessential "Big Steel Mill Building". When it originally came out, Dean Freytag was not pleased that it was called a Rolling Mill. The original version had a footprint of 11 1/8" by 16" and Dean felt that it was too small to properly represent a rolling mill. He was right. So modelers started adding them end to end. This worked rather well and Walthers got the idea. The current Rolling Mill (933-2971) is actually two the earlier kits giving a footprint of 11 1/8" by 32". They also added a rolling mill stand with its ancillary detail parts. This worked out very well.

But the best thing about this kit is that it can be used to represent a variety of other steel mill related buildings from repair shops to soaking pits to storage facilities to foundrys, etc. etc. It is a kitbashers dream. You get a lot of corrugated material and roof trusses to play with. The list price is $175.98. Peach Creek Shops regular price is $128.95. But for the month of August the price is $75.00. That's less than half the original price!

To make this deal even sweeter we will sell you up to three Walthers Reversing Mill Stands (933-2963) for $75.00 [SORRY, SOLD OUT AS OF 13 AUG 2015], when you buy a rolling mill building. Walthers regular price is $44.98 ea. We don't have many of these left and they are currently out of stock at Walthers. So for $150 you can have a rolling mill with four stands. That is less than the Walthers price for the building alone. This offer is only good for the month of August and supplies are limited.

And we have more!

The Walthers Hulett Unloader (933-2966). Walthers sold this for $186.98 and they are sold out. In fact you can't even find it on their web page! The regular Peach Creek Shops price is $135.95. So for this summer sale we are selling them for $95.00! Again, the supply is limited.

And if that isn't enough how about a Walthers Coke Oven and Quencher (933-2972). Walthers sells these for $142.98 and the regular Peach Creek Shops price is $104.95. But for the August sale we have marked them down to $65.00!

We also have an overstock of Bachmann 4-4-0 Steam Locos. 83401 undecorated [SORRY - SOLD OUT AS OF 12 AUG 2015!], 83403 Ma & Pa #4 [SORRY - SOLD OUT AS OF 12 AUG 2015!], and 83408 Seaboard. The Bachmann list price is $325.00, Peach Creek Shops normally sell them for $113.75 and now we are clearing them out at $75.00 ea. All new stock, never unwrapped and when they are gone...


All the Best,
John Glaab

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