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River Steel Corporation Layout

Come visit us to take a look at the models built by our community. Shop around for kids models and study books. Explore a range of train models of different materials for collecting hobbies.

Walthers Model Railroading

We at Walthers have a history of making steel prototypes and models for railroading. Our projects are based on the works of Walthers which were successful in giving rise to modern railroading.

Available Products

Brass Models

Fun and collectable brass train models for all age groups.

Rolling Stocks

Purchase replaceable stocks and additional customs for your models.

Walther's Products

Find the entire range of Walther’s products in our offline store and get the best discounts.

Steel Structure Kits

DIY kits for all age groups to build original Walther’s railroading models.

Kibri Specials

Special stock products and models designed by the students of Walther.

Wiking Vehicles

Find customizable car models for sale at our store for a different experience.

rolling stock drive systems

Miniature automatic driving systems for best performing train models for your collection. Check out this video about our railroading models and other features.

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Digital Command Controls

Priority On The project

Our high-quality manufacturer and supplier provide a guaranteed neat and well-detailed set in every packaging. Get the most realistic models for your home and office.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Model Railroading

Model Railroading

Building a model railroad is an interesting activity that individuals love to perform and practices. The exciting venture that it promises becomes more evident when you spend adequate time building and creating things from scratch. But you will also require a bit of help and support for that purpose. So to hit you with the same, we are here with a small guide. Hence, go ahead and check it out.

Choosing a Scale

A model train’s scale will always be its size compared to the size of the real train. Keeping that in mind, you can proceed to make matters meet by looking into the popular scale options. From Z (1/220th) to HO (1/87.1), you tend to have many options. So look into the same also note down the many factors that are affecting your scale selection. But to manoeuvre around the ground of excellence, always remember to check twice.


Temporary and Permanent Layouts

Choosing between building a temporary and permanent layout can be a hard one. But it stands to become clear when you incorporate the right understanding equipped by accurate facts. Moreover, the decision can also be regarded with space and its availability. For a temporary layout, a 5 × 9-foot ping-pong table will be apt, but for a permanent layout, you need something bigger. To effectively complete the permanent layout, you can also go by building modular layouts. So think about the same and move forward to do the right thing.


The importance of planning begins to take shape when you start the process of your layout. Soon after deciding the scale and space, you can move ahead to think about the layout and all that it needs to cover. For this purpose, you can utilize specific track planning software packages that tend to be the complete deal. They provide you with the required form of help and support by going through all kinds of details and technical aspects. So look into the same and start by building the track of your choice.

Powering up and DCC


Packaged trains usually come with a transformer or a power pack, so you need not worry about anything. However, if you’re not aware of its usage, then you need to look into the same and learn more about DCC (Digital Command Control. As the new industry standard for controlling and powering model trains, everyone should know the working of the same to be capable of pushing forward this activity. Once you’re done with the required classes, the steps that follow will be easy as they turn out to be a cakewalk.

Hence, take note of these points and move ahead to make the most out of your model railroad project.

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